Choy Lee Fut is a traditional style of Kung Fu most famously known for its long range swinging attacks, multiple opponent defense, and balanced stances, utilizing the hip to generate power. First designed as a method for Ming rebels to defend against Qing soldiers, the Choy Lee Fut system is still practiced today around the world and remains one of the most popular traditional Chinese martial arts.

The Choy Lee Fut style is a complete martial arts system, offering a well balanced combination of punches, kicks, animal strikes, grabs, throws, disarms, joint locks, and weapons skills in both solo and multiple person training.

In order to prepare for real world fights, students of Choy Lee Fut will practice Forms (choreographed solo sequences)

to develop endurance, Solo Drills to develop muscle memory and Partnered Drills to develop timing and reaction.

Choy Lee Fut will help to develop self-discipline and respect, while also helping one to keep fit and gain self-confidence in a fun learning environment.

Developed in the mid 1600’s by a Shoalin monk named Wang Lang after observing a praying mantis successfully defending itself against a much larger cicada. Wang feeling there was something to learn from the fast and aggressive movements of the small insect took the mantis back to the temple where he would prod the mantis with a piece of straw, and studied its movements. Taking what he learned from the mantis Wang added that to the 17 systems of fighting to create Tong Long Ch’uan (Praying Mantis Boxing).

Wang Lang tried his new system in a sparring match against his Kung Fu brother Feng, the Abbot of the Lao Shan temple whom Wang had never bested in a match before. Feng quickly found himself thrown to the ground from Wang’s new aggressive style. After the match, Wang explained to Feng what he had discovered, and with Feng’s help refined the system even further.

Praying Mantis kung fu trains all aspects of self-defence; kicks, punches, grappling, and weapons while working on the basis of striking without being struck. The system does not discriminate against a student’s age, sex, or physical capabilities, and allows a person to progress at their own pace. Mantis starts by building the student’s core strength and flexibility. In the beginning a student learns much of the offensive side of combat to gain an understanding in how to defend properly and efficiently against an attack.

San Da is a sport fighting style combining elements of Kickboxing, Kung Fu, and Throwing Techniques.

It has a high focus on endurance building, utilizing high intensity interval training, padwork, partnered exercises and real-time sparring to develop and enhance a fighter's skills.

This class is perfect for those looking for a unique cardio burn while learning practical self defense skills on the side.

Tai Chi is a form of physical exercise with origins dating back to approximately 5000 years ago in China, with a major overhaul of the system beginning in the 13th century. It is a form of moving meditation which allows practitioners to calm their minds through the slow, deliberate movements of their bodies.

Tai Chi's gentle techniques and slow moving pace makes it perfect for those who are elderly or those with health problems which limit their ability to exert themselves physically. Tai Chi also helps to develop strength, flexibility, and balance while offering a low impact calorie burn.

Lethbridge Hung Sing Koon Kung Fu Academy offers a style of Tai Chi that was developed and maintained for three generations in the Chiem family.